Ampcera® Argyrodite Li5.5PS4.5Cl1.5 Sulfide Solid Electrolyte, Ultra Fine Powder (D50 1~3 um), 10g

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Ampcera® Sulfide Solid Electrolyte Argyrodite Type Li5.5PS4.5Cl1.5 Ultra Fine Powder, D50 1~3 um,10g

If you need more than 200 grams, please contact Ampcera Inc. ( directly for bulk pricing. 

Manufacturer: Ampcera Inc.  (Ampcera Inside™)
Product Number: PO0209
Pack size: 10g
Nominal Composition: Li5.5PS4.5Cl1.5
Theoretical Density: 1.64 g/cm3
Material Type: Argyrodite, Li-argyrodite crystalline phase
Purity: Synthesized from >99.9% precursor materials
Product Form: light yellow color powder
Particle Size: D50 1~3 µm. This ultra fine powder can be directly used to make composite solid electrolytes or to mix with cathode materials as solid state catholyte. The finer powder helps to improve the cathode-electrolyte interface contact, capacity and rate performance.
Ionic Conductivity: >1 x 10-3 S/cm (typical value 1~10 mS/cm) at room temperature, the ionic conductivity is slightly lower compared to the coarse powder due to the effect of more interfaces among the ultra fine particles. 
Electronic Conductivity: ~10-8 S/cm at  R.T. 25°C
Wide electrochemical stability window: from 0 to 7 V vs. Lithium
Applications: Solid state electrolyte material for all solid state lithium ion batteries. Cathode electrolyte (catholyte).
Storage and Cautions: Water sensitive. Store and operate in a dry environment.

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