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4 inch High Purity (Undoped) Silicon Carbide Wafers Semi-Insulating SiC Substrates (HPSI)

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Grade Production Grade Research Grade Dummy Grade
Diameter 100.0 mm +/- 0.5 mm
Thickness 500 um +/- 25 um
Wafer Orientation On axis: <0001> +/- 0.5 deg On axis: <0001> +/- 2.0 deg
Micropipe Density for 95% of Wafers (MPD) ≤ 1 cm-2 ≤ 5 cm-2 ≤ 15 cm-2
Electrical Resistivity ≥ 1E7 ≥ 1E6 ≥ 1E5
Dopant Undoped
Primary Flat  Orientation {11-20} +/- 5.0 deg
Primary Flat Length 32.5 mm +/- 3.0 mm
Secondary Flat Length 18.0 mm +/- 2.0 mm
Secondary Flat Orientation Silicon face up: 90 deg CW from primary flat +/- 5.0 deg
Edge Exclusion 3 mm
LTV/TTV/Bow/Warp 3 um /10 um / ±30 um /40 um (Production Grade and Research Grade)
5 um /15 um /  ±40 um /45 um (Dummy Grade)
Surface Roughness C-face: Polished
Si-face: CMP
Cracks (inspected by high intensity light) None None None
Hex Plates (inspected by high intensity light*) None None Cumulative area 10%
Polytype Areas (inspected by high intensity light*) Cumulative area 5% Cumulative area 5% Cumulative area 10%
Scratches (inspected by high intensity light) ≤ 5 scratches and cumulative length ≤ 150 mm ≤ 10 scratches and cumulative length ≤ 200 mm
Edge Chipping None permitted ≥ 0.5 mm width and depth 2 allowed, ≤ 1 mm width and depth 5 allowed, ≤ 5 mm width and depth
Surface Contamination (inspected by high intensity light) None



4H-SiC Single Crystal

Lattice Parameters (Å)



Stacking Sequence




Mohs Hardness


Thermal Expansion Coefficient (CTE) (/K)

4-5 x 10-6

Refraction Index @750 nm

no = 2.61

ne = 2.66

Dielectric Constant

c ~ 9.66

Doping Type

Undoped Semi-insulating

Thermal Conductivity (W/cm-K @298 K)

(Semi-insulating type)




Band-gap (eV)


Break-Down Electrical Field (V/cm)

3-5 x 106

Saturation Drift Velocity (m/s)

2.0 x 105

Wafer and Substrate Sizes

Wafers: 4, 6 inch; other sizes are available and can be custom-made upon request

Product Grades

A Grade Production grade (MPD 1 cm-2)

B Grade Research grade (MPD 5 cm-2)

C Grade Dummy grade (MPD 15 cm-2)



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