2-story top frame SM (Edmund Buhler, Made in Germany),  MSE Supplies

2-story top frame SM (Edmund Buhler, Made in Germany)

  • £73000
  • Save £8800


The Edmund Buhler 2-story top frame SM comes with 2 coated trays with drillings for spring clamps or test tube racks.

Total height: 332 mm

Distance between the 2 stories: 300 mm (height sufficient for 1000 ml Erlenmeyer flasks)

Alternatively, the rack system Combifix SM or the universal tray SM can be mounted on the 2-story top frame SM. For easy handling (loading away from the shaker) it is recommended to use universal trays SM or sliding plates with Combifix SM, especially on the lower level.

For mounting sliding plates or universal trays on a 2-story top frame SM a mounting set (Order No. 0052 074) is necessary. With 1 mounting set, 2 sliding plates or 2 universal trays or 1 sliding plate and 1 universal tray can be mounted.

Order No: 0052 065

Accessories (click here to order SM sliding plates or mounting set)

Accessory Product Number
Rack System Combifix SM A 0050 154
Sliding Plate with Combifix SM A 0051 484
Rack System Combifix SM B 0050 155
Sliding Plate with Combifix SM B 0051 485
Rack System Combifix SM C 0050 156
Sliding Plate with Combifix SM C 0051 486
Universal tray SM 0051 472
Mounting set 0052 074