Founded in the state of Maryland, Nanocrine products are ready-to-use out of the box and designed to address a specific gap in technology to open new avenues of exploration and analysis. Current Life Science cell culture research is done utilizing technology that originates from the 1970s. As experts at the intersection of microfabrication and Life Science research, Nanocrine’s physicists, engineers, and cell biologists are modernizing technologies for biopharma assay development, which results in novel assay development and unlocking unprecedented insights while accelerating the data acquisition process and enhancing reproducibility.


  • Serum-free cell culturing
  • Rapid detection of altered motility-associated morphology
  • Culturing cardiomyocytes and other common cell lines.
  • Control technique for quantifying surface ligand activity
  • Monolithic quartz platform for cellular contact guidance (vital to many physiological processes)
  • Automated cell segmentation for reproducibility in bioimage analysis
  • Self-supervised machine learning for live cell imagery segmentation

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Nanocrine Contact Guidance Biochip - MSE Supplies LLC

Nanocrine Contact Guidance Biochip

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Nanocrine Gold-Coated Glass Surfaces - MSE Supplies LLC

Nanocrine Gold-Coated Glass Surfaces

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Nanocrine Surface Chemistry Biochips - MSE Supplies LLC

Nanocrine Surface Chemistry Biochips

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Nanocrine ECM-Functionalized Surfaces - MSE Supplies LLC

Nanocrine ECM-Functionalized Surfaces

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