Multi-Flask Shaker VKS


Edmund Bühler Multi-Flask Shakers VKS

Edmund Bühler Multi-flask Shakers VKS are rated for loads up to 75 kg. There are two different varieties of heavy duty shakers.

  1. VKS 75 A control: an orbital shaker
  2. VKS 75 B control: a reciprocating (horizontal) shaker with shaking speeds up to 200 rpm. The user is limited to three stroke settings.

Aside from the shaker motor, all other accessories from the shaking platform to clamping strips for holding vessels in place are sold separately.

 Multi-Flask Shaker VKS 75 A control Multi-Flask Shaker VKS 75 B control
Motion: orbital reciprocating (horizontal)
Shaking platform: 760 x 600 mm 760 x 600 mm
Max load: 75 kg 75 kg
Shaking speed: 30 - 200 rpm, in steps of 5 30 - 200 rpm, in steps of 5
Stroke: 26 mm 50 mm (option: 36, 60, or 80 mm)
Runtime: programmable / continuous programmable / continuous
Order No.: 6111 000 6112 000
Electrical supply: 100 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz 100 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Enclosure protection: IP 21 IP 21
Heat emission: max 45 W max 45 W
Ambient temperature: 5°C to 50°C 5°C to 50°C
Relative humidity: ~ 85% ~ 85%
Dimensions (w x d x h): 1050 x 835 x 250 mm 1050 x 835 x 250 mm
Weight: 110 kg 110 kg

Edmund Bühler Multi-flask Shakers VKS at a glance.


VKS Shaker Accessories

Unlike smaller shakers, Multi-Flask VKS shakers require for the shaker platform (0052 070) to be ordered separately. The flask and test tube mounts for the 1st story universal shaker tray (0051 474) must also be ordered as a separate component.

Shaking plate VKS / Universal tray 1-story VKS

The shaking plate and Universal tray system for the VKS shakers


The Rack System Combifix trays are designed to accommodate larger Erlenmeyer flasks as well as larger, upright vessels that require greater security. Due to the high capacity and size of the VKS Shaker, the Rack System VKS mounts directly to the floor for large load multi-tasking.

VKS multi-story racks

Accessories to increase the capacity of VKS shakers.

Sliding trays and mounts for flasks, test tube racks, separatory funnels, etc. are all sold separately.

 Order No. Product Description
0052 070 Shaking plate for VKS control (1-story assembly)
0051 487 Rack system Combifix VKS A
0051 488 Rack system Combifix VKS B
0051 474 Universal tray VKS (1-story, without spring clamps)
0052 068 3-story rack system VKS "Giant" (without platforms)
0052 186 2-story rack system VKS (without platforms)
0051 493 Sliding plate with Combifix VKS A for 2- and 3-story rack system VKS
0051 494 Sliding plate with Combifix VKS B for 2- and 3-story rack system VKS
0051 496 Universal tray VKS (without spring clamps) for 2- and 3- story rack system VKS


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