High Purity Metal Sputtering Targets

MSE Supplies provides high-quality custom-made sputtering targets made of high-purity metal, alloy, oxide ceramic, nitride ceramic, carbide ceramic, fluoride ceramic, silicide ceramic, sulfide ceramic, boride ceramic, selenide ceramic, telluride, antimonide and arsenide

We are a trusted sputtering targets manufacturer and supplier to research labs and production facilities worldwide. In addition to our extensive sputtering target selection, we customize our high-purity sputtering targets to meet your application needs. Request a quote today.

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Magnetic Keeper Compatible Circular Sputtering Targets - MSE Supplies LLC

Magnetic Keeper Compatible Circular Sputtering Targets

Molybdenum Silicon Sputtering Target MoSi,  MSE Supplies

Molybdenum Silicon Sputtering Target MoSi

Aluminum Copper Sputtering Target AlCu,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Aluminum Copper Sputtering Target AlCu

Aluminum Magnesium Sputtering Target AlMg,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Aluminum Magnesium Sputtering Target AlMg

Aluminum Silicon Copper Sputtering Target AlSiCu,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Aluminum Silicon Copper Sputtering Target AlSiCu

£9900 Save £1200
Aluminum Silicon Sputtering Target AlSi,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Aluminum Silicon Sputtering Target AlSi

£15900 Save £1900
Aluminum Silver Sputtering Target AlAg,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Aluminum Silver Sputtering Target AlAg

Aluminum Sputtering Target Al,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Aluminum Sputtering Target Al

£4500 Save £600
Antimony Sputtering Target (Sb),  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Antimony Sputtering Target (Sb)

£17200 Save £2100
Barium Strontium Titanate Sputtering Target SrBaTiO<sub>3</sub>,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Barium Strontium Titanate Sputtering Target SrBaTiO3

£45800 Save £5500
Barium Titanate Sputtering Target BaTiO<sub>3</sub>,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Barium Titanate Sputtering Target BaTiO3

£46200 Save £5500
Bismuth Ferrite Sputtering Target BiFeO<sub>3</sub>,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Bismuth Ferrite Sputtering Target BiFeO3

£56100 Save £6700
Bismuth Sputtering Target Bi,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Bismuth Sputtering Target Bi

£20700 Save £2500
Boron Sputtering Target B,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Boron Sputtering Target B

£54600 Save £6600
Cadmium Sputtering Target Cd,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Cadmium Sputtering Target Cd

Carbon (Graphite) Sputtering Target C,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Carbon (Graphite) Sputtering Target C

£6100 Save £700
Cerium Gadolinium Sputtering Target CeGd,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Cerium Gadolinium Sputtering Target CeGd

Cerium Samarium Sputtering Target CeSm,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Cerium Samarium Sputtering Target CeSm

Cerium Sputtering Target Ce,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Cerium Sputtering Target Ce

Chromium Silicon Sputtering Target CrSi,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Chromium Silicon Sputtering Target CrSi

What are Sputtering Targets?

Sputtering targets are critical components in physical vapor deposition (PVD), a process integral to producing thin films. These films are prevalent in electronics, solar cells and computer hardware, where they provide essential device functionality. The sputtering targets, made from materials like high-purity metals, alloys and compounds, are bombarded with ions to create a vapor, which condenses onto a substrate to form a thin film. High-purity sputtering targets lead to higher-quality films with superior consistency and performance. 

MSE Supplies, one of the industry-leading sputtering target manufacturers, provides standard and custom-made targets.

What Applications Are Sputtering Targets Used For?

Sputtering targets find utility across a broad spectrum of applications due to their crucial role in forming thin films. The electronics industry heavily relies on sputtering targets for manufacturing semiconductors, LEDs and computer hardware. The photovoltaics sector uses them to create the thin layers in solar cells, enhancing their efficiency. High-purity sputtering targets are essential in data storage devices, optical coatings and microelectronics, where film quality is paramount.

Why Place Your Sputtering Target Order with MSE Supplies?

MSE Supplies is the industry-leading source for all your suppering target needs. You can count on:

  • Superior Quality: We produce sputtering target purity levels of 99.999% and higher in a wide range of chemical compositions and sizes.
  • Value: Trust MSE Supplies for the highest sputtering target quality at the lowest available price.
  • Customization: We provide sputtering targets fully customized to meet your specific needs
  • Complete Solution: Oxygen-free copper backing plate and Indium bonding services are available for each MSE PRO™ sputtering target.
  • Expert Support: Our in-house materials scientists provide the industry’s best technical support.

Our quality engineers monitor and verify sputtering target quality before we ship to our customers.

Order Sputtering Targets from MSE Supplies, Today

MSE Supplies is your one-stop shop for all your sputtering target needs for research and production. We back up our industry-leading value with advnaced technical support. Check out our specialoffers and programs, then place your order. 

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