ITO (Indium Tin Oxide)

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Indium tin oxide coated glass is the most popular substrate for Transparent and Conductive Oxide (TCO) substrates. ITO is widely used in electrodes for photovoltaic/solar cells, LCD display etc. ITO glass can be fabricated via physical vapor deposition such as sputter coating or via liquid phase deposition e.g., spin coating and dip coating.

 MSE Supplies offers various ITO products including ITO sputtering target for sputter coating and ITO nano powder for emulsions used in liquid phase deposition. MSE Supplies also offers ITO coated glass with different resistance, size and customized ITO patterns.

ITO Nano powder

ITO dispersion liquid/ colloid is used for liquid phase  deposition such as spin coating and dip coating. ITO Nano powder is widely used for formulation ITO dispersion liquid. MSE Supplies offers ITO blue nano powder and yellow nano powder with different In2O3:SnO2 ratio.

ITO yellow nano powder- It is the most chemically stable form and shows excellent conductivity. ITO yellow powder is widely used in solar cells, electrodes for displays etc.

ITO blue nano powder- It shows higher electrical conductivity and higher absorption in IR than yellow powder, which makes it useful in heat shielding on glass applications.

ITO glass test method

MSE Supplies ITO glass is single side coated. Due to its high transparency, it is difficult to identify the coated side with bare eyes. Below are two simple methods to identify ITO coated side.

Use multimeter- ITO is conductive. ITO coated side can be identified by using Ohmmeter to test resistance value, as shown in Figure below.

Use water drop- Most of the commercial untreated ITO coated glass is more hydrophobic than uncoated soda lime glass, which means the contact angle between a water drop and glass surface is larger for ITO coated glass. See the figure below.

Though water drop test is easy and simple, conductivity test is always a more reliable method. Different treatment of ITO coated surface may cause surface hydrophilicity change. Therefore, different commercial ITO glass may have different results of water/glass contact angle. MSE Supplies ITO glass can be tested using hydrophobicity test.


MSE Supplies ( is a major global supplier of ITO glass. Both standard and customized products are available from MSE Supplies. If you need something not listed on our website, please email us at and we will prepare a quote for the customized products for you.  If you have any questions, please email us at

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