High Quality Platinum (Pt) Thin Films on Substrates

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MSE Supplies offers High Quality Platinum Thin Films with a variety of thickness and substrates. We use 99.999% pure platinum in our coating process, and coat only those substrates that are stable under high vacuum. This eliminates concerns about contamination from previous coating runs.

Applications include:

  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemical and Sensors
  • MEMs
  • Electrodes

    Features of our coating process include:

    • Platinum purity: 99.999%
    • Electron-beam deposition
    • Low deposition rate -> High quality film
    • Pre-cleaned substrates (plasma or base bath)
    • Titanium adhesion layer (optional)
    • Dedicated cleanroom fabrication environment


     SKU# Substrate Form Substrate Size  Film Thickness (nm) Pieces/Pack
    PT.1000.ALSI Aluminosilicate Glass Slides 1″x3″x0.7 mm 100 5
    PT.1000.SL0 Silicon Wafer Φ100x0.525 mm 100 1
    PT.1000.SLC_10MM Silicon Chip 10x10x0.525 mm 100 20

          Please contact us for bulk order or customized shape, size, thickness and substrate.


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            MSE Supplies offers custom metal coating services using e-beam vapor deposition, a high-vacuum process with excellent control of film thickness.

            MSE Supplies offers a wide selection of high-quality evaporation materials and crucibles in a full range of purity and dimensions for thin film coatings. These materials are suitable for all commercial evaporation systems, whether your requirements are for thermal evaporation or electron beam deposition system.

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