High Quality Gold (Au) Thin Films on Substrates

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MSE Supplies offers High Quality Gold (Au) Thin Films with a variety of thickness and substrates. We use 99.999% pure gold and titanium in our coating process, and coat only those substrates that are stable under high vacuum. This eliminates concerns about contamination from previous coating runs.

Applications include:

  • Sensors & Microarrays: Chromium-free gold films are the best option for preserving surface reactivity when you want to create self-assembled monolayers for sensor development and for attachment of bioactive probe molecules.
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy: To minimize surface roughness, consider our ultra-flat template-stripped gold (reverse mounted) glass chips, available mounted on silicon or mica.
  • Mirrors: For efficient reflection/total internal reflection systems in optical instruments
  • Cell Culture: We use of only pure metals in our coater avoids contamination with traces of other metals or chemicals that may be toxic to cultured cells. If you are having difficulty culturing cells on gold films made in coaters used by others, consider using the highest purity gold films from us.
  • Surface Plasmon Resonance: The coating process permits precise control of gold deposition rates and thus surface roughness. This ensures the highest level of control over the thickness and nanometer-scale flatness of gold films, for the best possible surface plasmon resonance responses. Call us for details on how we can help you optimize your SPR performance.

    Features of our coating process include:

    • 99.999% Pure gold
    • Plasma-cleaned surfaces
    • Electron-beam deposited gold films
    • Optional titanium adhesion layer
    • Dedicated cleanroom fabrication environment
    • Strict quality control measurements


     SKU# Substrate Form Substrate Size  Film Thickness (nm) Pieces/Pack
    AU.0500.CSS Coverslip 22x22x0.13-0.16 mm 50 12
    AU.0100.CSR24 Coverslip Φ15x0.13-0.16 mm 10 24
    AU.2000.MC1 Mica 1"x1.5"x0.16-0.18 mm 200 1
    AU.2000.MC2 Mica 1"x3"x0.16-0.18 mm 200 1
    AU.0500.SL0 Silicon Wafer Φ100x0.525 mm 50 1
    AU.0500.SL1 Silicon Wafer Φ100x0.525 mm 50 3
    AU.1000.SL0 Silicon Wafer Φ100x0.525 mm 100 1
    AU.1000.SL1 Silicon Wafer Φ100x0.525 mm 100 3
    AU.1000.SL2 Silicon Wafer Φ100x0.525 mm 100 12
    AU.1000.SLC_10mm Silicon Chip 10x10x0.525 mm 100 20
    AU.0100.GC10 Aluminosilicate Glass Chip 10x10x0.7 mm 10 20
    AU.0500.GC10 Aluminosilicate Glass Chip 10x10x0.7 mm 50 20
    AU.0500.GC10 Aluminosilicate Glass Chip 10x10x0.7 mm 100 20
    AU.0100.ALSI Aluminosilicate Glass Slides 1″x3″x0.7 mm 10 5
    AU.0500.ALSI Aluminosilicate Glass Slides 1″x3″x0.7 mm 50 5
    AU.1000.ALSI Aluminosilicate Glass Slides 1″x3″x0.7 mm 100 5
    AU.2000.MTSG Template Stripped Gold Chips - Mica  1 cmx1 cm glass chips adhered to a 200 nm gold-coated piece of mica 200 5
    AU.1000.SWTSG Template Stripped Gold Chips - Silicon Wafer 1 cmx1 cm glass chips adhered to a 100 nm gold-coated prime grade silicon wafer 100 20
    SPR-1000-050 Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Chip 18x18x1 mm 100 5
    SPR-1000-016 Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Chip - Spotready 16 18x18x1 mm / 5

          Please contact us for bulk order or customized shape, size, thickness and substrate. 


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            MSE Supplies offers custom metal coating services using e-beam vapor deposition, a high-vacuum process with excellent control of film thickness.

            MSE Supplies offers a wide selection of high-quality evaporation materials and crucibles in a full range of purity and dimensions for thin film coatings. These materials are suitable for all commercial evaporation systems, whether your requirements are for thermal evaporation or electron beam deposition system.