Testing Mold For Battery Powder Compaction Density

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MSE Supplies offers Compaction Density Test Mold for battery industry. It is a key accessory for measuring the powder compaction density. At present, 13mm diameter stainless steel molds are mostly used in the lithium ion battery industry to test the compaction density. The current stainless steel molds on the market have many problems when testing some positive materials. These includes difficult to demould (affects the overall service life of the mold), poor coaxiality (affects the repeatability and consistency of compaction density), easy to wear, etc. Our testing mold is built with high wear resistant materials and combined with demoulding system to protect the mold. The system can be adapted to various compaction density testing equipments, solving the test exception problems you might encountered.

Technical Specifications:

Mold Diameter (mm)
13 / 16 (customizable)
Test Pressure (MPa)
≤ 350

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