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Strontium Lanthanum Aluminate (SrLaAlO4) <001> Crystals and Substrates

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Strontium Lanthanum Aluminate (SrLaAlO4) Crystals and Substrates

Strontium Lanthanum Aluminate (SrLaAlO4) Crystal and Substrate has similar structure to high-temperature superconductor Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide (YBCO), which makes it a good candidate for superconducting film because of the low lattice mismatch (~3.0%). It also has lower thermal expansion coefficient than other perovskite crystals, which allows the film to grow under lower temperature and produce high quality film. It is often used for growing superconducting film, microwave and high frequency application. 

Technical Data

SKU (mm)

Single side polished: 5x5x0.5 (SU4101), 5x5x1 (SU4103), 10x10x0.5 (SU4105), 10x10x1 (SU4107)

Double side polished: 5x5x0.5 (SU4102), 5x5x1 (SU4104), 10x10x0.5 (SU4106), 10x10x1 (SU4108)

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Crystal Structure Tetragonal, a= 3.756 Å, c= 12.63 Å
Density (g/cm³) 5.92 
Hardness (Mohs) 6~6.5
Melting Point (℃ ) 1650 
Dielectric Constant  16.8
Single side polished, Double side polished
Roughness (Å) ≤ 5 (5μm×5μm)
Orientation <001>
Packaging Sealed in class 100 clean bags packed in class 1000 clean room


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2. Novosselov, A., A. Pajaczkowska, and E. Talik. X‐ray Photoelectron Spectroscopic Studies on Colorationof SrLaAlO4 Single Crystals. Crystal Research and Technology: Journal of Experimental and Industrial Crystallography 36, no. 8‐10 (2001): 859-864.