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Anhydrous Sodium Tungstate (Na2WO4), >99%

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Anhydrous Sodium Tungstate (Na2WO4), >99% purity

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  • Product Number: PO6601 (500g); PO6602 (1Kg); 
  • CAS Number: 13472-45-2
  • Formula: Na2WO4
  • Molecular Weight: 293.82 g/mol
  • Density: 4.18 g/cm³ at 25°C
  • Color: White
  • Purity: >99%


Sodium tungstate is widely used as a source of tungsten in chemical synthesis and intermediate for tungsten ore extraction. It is also used as catalyst for epoxidation of alkenes and oxidation of alcohols into aldehydes or ketones. 

Typical Compositions of Na2WO4

Item wt%
Mo 0.001
As 0.001
Cu 0.0005
Fe 0.001
Si 0.004



1. MnTiO3-driven low-temperature oxidative coupling of methane over TiO2-doped Mn2O3-Na2WO4/SiO2 catalyst, Sci. Adv., 2017;3: e1603180

2. Oxidative Coupling of Methane Using Mg/Ti-Doped SiO2-Supported Na2WO4/Mn Catalysts, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 2017, 5, 5, 3667–3674