MSE PRO Right Angle Prisms

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Right Angle Prisms

MSE supplies offers different kinds of Right Angle Prisms that can be used to reflect the light by 90 degrees or retroreflect the light by 180 degrees. Our standard right angle prisms are made of N-BK7/H-K9L optical glass and the size ranges from 10*10*10 mm to 30*30*30mm. Al coating can be applied to the hypotenuse or two short legs depend on your needs. We can also provide customized right angle prism with different material, size, surface quality and coating.

Right Angle Prism is a basic optical element in the shape of 45-degree right triangle. It can invert the light by 90 degree when the light incidents from a short leg and got reflected by the coated hypotenuse. When incident from the hypotenuse and inter reflected by the two short legs, it can invert the light by 180 degrees. Although sometimes it can be replaced by a mirror, Right Angle Prism is easier to be mounted and aligned. Its geometry allows it to be used under condition where vibration or movement is frequent. It is widely used in a lot of optical systems such as telescope, binoculars, etc.

Technical Data:

Below are the parameters for standard products. For customized products with different material, size, surface quality and coating, please contact us.

Parameters Value
Material N-BK7/H-K9L
Dimension (mm)
  • 10*10*10
  • 12.7*12.7*12.7
  • 15*15*15
  • 20*20*20
  • 25*25*25
  • 25.4*25.4*25.4
  • 30*30*30
Dimension Tolerance (mm) +/-0.1
Angle Tolerance (arcminute) 3-5
  • No coating
  • Al coating
Surface Quality 60/40 Scratch/Dig
Bevel <0.3mm*45
For Al Coated Products R>85%@400 -700nm