Reference Electrode Holder - Membrane Separation, 6 mm Dia. Electrodes


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The reference electrode holder is used for holding a cylindrical reference electrode with diameter of 6 mm. It enables installation of a classical reference electrode in tanks of larger volumes in close proximity to the working electrode. Moreover, it holds an ion-exchange or nanoporous membrane to separate the reference electrode from the working electrode environment and prevent leakage of ions from the liquid junction electrode. The nominal aperture (active membrane surface area) is 1cm2, but other values can be provided on request. The immersion (installation tube) has an outer diameter of 12 mm. The electrical connection is realized via Electrode Adapter Cable which converts 1 mm dia. male electrode pin into 4 mm female/male banana plug. The reference electrode holder is compatible with our Double-Holder and Triple-Holder Voltammetry Cell (both coming soon). We may also provide an adapter to install this reference electrode holder in openings larger than 12 mm dia. Moreover, the reference electrode holder may be installed in a standard laboratory stand and immersed in a tank of any volume.

The reference electrode holder elements are constructed with materials that are inert to the electrochemical system (PEEK). It well fits aqueous (FKM/EPDM O-Rings) and organic solvent (FFKM O-Rings) electrolyte requirements. The construction is well sealed which prevents the leakage (ion flow) bypassing the membrane. The reference electrode is not included in the setup.

Application Note:
The reference electrode holder is used largely for voltammetry experiments where it is important to separate the liquid junction reference electrode from the working electrode environment. This reference electrode holder enables also the potential sensing at close proximity to the working electrode using the capillary tube (Luggin type). An additional outlet in the membrane holder enables filling the capillary channel with liquid and create an ionic path. It can be installed in a beaker type cell as well as in testing environments such as open water reservoirs, cans, tanks etc. It can also be used wherever it is necessary to use classical 6 mm dia. reference electrodes in larger volumes.

Nominal aperture: 1 cm2 (11.3 mm dia.)
*Minimum customized aperture: 0.008 cm2 (1 mm dia.)
*Maximum customized aperture: 4.9 cm2 (23 mm dia.)
Electrode diameter: 6 mm
Electrical connection: Electrode Adapter Cable
Immersion tube diameter: 12 mm
Maximum immersion depth: 120 mm (from membrane center)
Recommended membrane diameter: 20 mm
Capillary outer diameter: 4 mm
Capillary inner diameter: 2 mm
Capillary length: 30 mm
*Maximum capillary length; 100 mm
Tubing size: 1/16" OD x .040" ID (1.6mm OD x 1.0mm ID)

Product Includes:
1 x electrode chamber
1 x lid
1 x membrane holder with outlet
1 x capillary tube
1 x immersion tube
1 x Electrode Adapter Cable