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Rare Earth Ions Doped Barium Yttrium Fluoride (RE: BaY2F8) Laser Crystals

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Barium Yttrium Fluoride (BaY2F8) crystallizes in the monoclinic Cm space group. It has good light transmittance in the range of 250~15000 nm; low phonon energy (360-380 cm-1), lower refractive index and higher laser damage threshold, larger laser emission cross section, easy to dope with rare earth ions or transition metal ions. It is widely used as laser host when doped with rare earth ions. 

Technical Data

Crystal Structure monoclinic, a=0.69829 nm, b=1.05190 nm, c=0.42644 nm, α=γ=90°, β=99.676° 
Density 4.97 g/cm³
Melting Point 998 ℃ 
Thermal Conductivity 6 W/(mK) 
Thermal Expansion Coefficient

1.8×10-5 /ºC 

Hardness 4~5
Refractive Index ~1.5
Size up to 30 mm
Thickness up to 50 mm
Orientation a-cut, b-cut, c-cut
 Doping Ion



Tm3+, Ho3+ 



Absorption Peak Wavelength 

791 nm

899 nm

791 nm

960 nm

445 nm

Absorption Cross Section

0.94×10-20 cm2

 1.29×10-21 cm2

 0.94×10-20 cm2

 9.8×10-21 cm2

 5.9×10-20 cm2

Fluorescence Lifetime 17 ms 16.5 ms 10.1 ms 2.4 ms

43 μs (3P0)

Laser Wavelength 1932 nm 2057 nm 2057 nm 1017 nm

 495 nm, 524 nm, 553 nm

Emission Cross Section 0.25×10-20 cm2 1.2×10-20 cm2 1.2×10-20 cm2 6.0×10-21 cm2 2.6×10-20 cm(495 nm)



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