PTFE Membrane - hydrophilic, 25 mm dia. (pack of 10)

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PTFE Membranes are high-porosity, uniformly thick and thermostable. They ensure maximum chemical compatibility and wide ranging thermal/pH resistance. These membranes are ideal for electrochemical processes involving strong/aggressive acids, bases, and solvents incompatible with most other membranes.

Application note
These hydrophilic and unlaminated PTFE Membranes exhibit high resistance under chemically harsh conditions. These membranes are typically used to separate compartments in H-Cells filled with aqueous or organic electrolyte and are ideal for organic electrosynthesis, electrolysis, fuel cells, batteries, biomolecule separation, membrane catalysis, etc.

shape: round
diameter: 25 mm
thickness: 35 μm
pore size: 100 nm
max operating temperature: 260 °C
pH range: 1-14

Product includes
10 pcs of PTFE Membrane