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Polyurethane binder (PU) - 25 mL

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Binders used in functional coatings (e.g. electrodes) act as ‘glue’, which secures the active material to current connector and keeps its structural integrity. Aqueous emulsion of polyurethane characterises with very good mechanical properties, high temperature resistance and wide voltage electrochemical stability. Other quantities are available on request.

Application note
The binder is thoroughly mixed with the active material, where ratio can range from 30:70 to 1:99, respectively, depending on application, active material, additives etc. Water is used to dilute the mixture if necessary. To increase viscosity thickener (CMC) can be added as required. The resulting slurry is coated on current collector (e.g. doctor blade). The recommended drying temperature is 120°. The crosslinking occurs under UV radiation, therefore avoid sunlight in storage.

solvent: water (emulsion)
concentration: 40% (w/v)
electrolyte compatibility: organic and aqueous