MSE PRO 100 pcs Aluminum (Al) Sample Pans with Lids for TGA and DSC

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Aluminum sample pans are widely used as sample containers for thermal analysis such as TGA and DSC.  MSE Supplies offers a variety of clean and high purity aluminum sample pans for different instrument models from leading brands such as Netzsch, TA Instruments, Mettler Toledo, PerkinElmer and Shimadzu.  Please contact us for your special needs.

Maximum temperature: 600 °C


Dimensions Pieces/Pack Suitable for Equipment Models Comparable to
JA1311 OD5.4mm*H2.6mm 100 TA Instruments, Q20/Q25/Q2500, Solid sample 901683.901/901671.901
JA1312 OD5.4mm*H2.0mm 100 TA Instruments, Q20/Q25/Q2500, Liquid sample 901683.901/901684.901
JA1313 OD6.65mm*H1.7mm 100 TA Instruments, Q10/Q100, Solid sample 900786.901/900779.901
JA1314 OD6.8mm*H2.7mm 100 TA Instruments, Q10, Liquid sample 900793.901/900794.901
JA1315 OD6.0mm*H1.7mm 100 Mettler Toledo, Tipped ME-00027331
JA1316 OD6.0mm*H1.7mm 100 Mettler Toledo, Flat ME-00026763
JA1317 OD6.65mm*H1.7mm 100 PerkinElmer, Solid sample 02190041
JA1318 OD4.7mm*H1.3mm 100 PerkinElmer, Liquid sample
JA1319 OD8.0mm*H2.1mm 100 Netzsch
JA1320 OD5.0mm*H2.6mm 100 Netzsch NGB814672/NGB814673
JA1321 OD6.7mm*H4.0mm 100 Netzsch NGB810405/NGB810406
JA1381 OD6.7mm*H5.5mm 100 Netzsch
JA1322 OD5.8mm*H1.5mm 100 Shimadzu 201-52943
JA1323 OD6.0mm*H1.7mm 100 Shimadzu 201-53090
JA1401 OD6.0mm*H4.2mm 100 Mettler 51119872


Please verify the aluminum sample pan dimensions before purchase. 

Other dimensions are available or customizable upon request. Please contact us.

Thermal Analysis Testing Services (TGA-DSC-DTA) are also available at MSE Supplies through our MSE Analytical Services department. 

MSE Analytical Services

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