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10 Pieces Octahedral PTFE-Coated Magnetic Stir Bars

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Product details:

Octahedral PTFE-coated magnetic stir bars with integral pivot ring are commonly used in laboratories for stirring small volumes in vessels such as vials, tubes and beakers. PTFE coating is inert to chemicals and increases the durability of the stirring bars. The octahedral shape (also called octagonal shape) has larger surface area and better turbulence when compared to the smooth surface of cylindrical bars. The pivot ring can reduce friction and chattering during the stirring.

What are Magnetic Stir Bars?

Magnetic stir bars are stirrers used with magnet forces to create a vortex for mixing a liquid or solution.

A number of factors affect magnetic stir bar efficiency and effectiveness, including its size, shape, and material. Sizes (L x Diameter) range from 6 x 3 mm to 100 x 10.5 mm.  Octahedral PTFE-coated magnetic stir bars are the most common magnetic stirrers used in the lab.  The multiple surfaces add turbulence to the mixing action. PTFE coating is inert to chemicals and increases the durability of the stirring bars.

MSE Supplies offers high quality magnetic stir bars for repeatable and reliable mixing results. 

    Length Qty. (pieces/pack)
    LS0139 3mm (0.12") 6mm (0.24") 10
    LS0140 5mm (0.2") 10mm (0.39") 10
    LS0141 7.5mm (0.3")  15mm (0.59") 10
    LS0142 8mm (0.31") 20mm (0.79") 10
    LS0143 8mm (0.31") 30mm (1.18") 10
    LS0144 8mm (0.31") 40mm (1.57") 10
    LS0145 9mm (0.35") 35mm (1.38") 10
    LS0146 10mm (0.39") 60mm (2.36") 10
    LS0147 10mm (0.39") 70mm (2.76") 10
    LS0148 10.5mm (0.41") 100mm (3.94") 10
    LS0149 11mm (0.43") 52mm (2.05") 10

    Please contact MSE Supplies if you need other sizes or bulk order pricing for magnetic stir bars.