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Nisco Encapsulation Unit VAR-J1 for Core Shell Encapsulation of Microbeads

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MSE Supplies offers a Nisco Encapsulation Unit VAR-J1 for core shell encapsulation of microbeads/microspheres/microparticles production. The VAR-J1 system for producing microbeads works on the principle of "Coaxial airflow driven technology". The unit can be sterilized and is delivered with a sterile air filter in case that sterility is required. It is widely used in most applications involving immobilization of living cells or other biological materials where the bead size is needed to be small (<1mm) and carefully controlled.

The basic principle of the instrument is the use of a coaxial air stream to pull droplets from a needle tip into the gelling bath before they would fall due to gravity. The Nisco
VAR-J1 Unit is designed for production of smaller quantities of spherical alginate
beads ranging in size down to around 500μm.

The bead generator with coaxial airflow is basically made of Polyetheretherketone
(PEEK) and can withstand most chemicals and high temperatures, which makes the
unit very suitable for any disinfecting/cleaning method, typically autoclave cleaning. 
The alginate (or other) solution may be fed into the unit with a syringe, using a syringe pump. The magnetic stirrer is placed underneath the gelling bath to keep the beads separated during gelling (syringe, pump and stirrer are not included).

We also offer Encapsulation Unit based on other principles (Jet Cutting, Electro Magnetic, Air Dynamically Driven, Dripping by Gravity, etc.) Please contact us for more information.

Country of Origin: Made in Switzerland

Manufacturer: Nisco Engineering AG

Standard Equipment for the System:

  • Encapsulation Unit VAR-J1 for core shell encapsulation
  • Coaxial Nozzles
  • Flow Control Unit with needle valve
  • Stainless Steel Support for VAR-J1
  • Beaker, agitator and agitation element for hardening
  • Support for Syringe Pump (PET)
  • Syringe Pump Cole Parmer Single Syringe
  • Hose material if feeding system is not scope of supply


  • Flow Control Unit with thermal mass flow meter
  • Bag of 5 Flat Gasket
  • Pressurized Flask (100mL) complete with pressure reducing station and support
  • Sterile Filter
  • Adapter M5 Luer Lock,
  • O-Ring
  • Choice of 5 Nozzles for VAR-J1-Stainless Steel AINSI 304, with id/ID=0.09/0.4, 0.15/0.5, 0.25/0.5 and 0.35/0.8 (id: inner diameter of the inner nozzle. ID: inner diameter of the outer nozzle). 

Technical Data 

SKU# MA0481
Dimensions (mm) ~380x270x480 (Depends on accessories and layout)
Weight (kg) ~15 (Depends on accessories)
Nozzle Inner Diameter (mm) 0.17-0.4
Microbead Size (μm) Down to ~500
Warranty One year after delivery

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About Nisco: Nisco Engineering AG combines know-how in sterile design and process engineering to fulfil the increasing requirements of the customers. The company offers and delivers engineering, development and services for pharma- and biotechnological equipment and plants. Nisco Engineering develops, manufactures and distributes worldwide encapsulation equipment to generate monodisperse beads under cGMP conform conditions.

MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor for Nisco Engineering AG in North America.

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