Case of 100 NEST 50ml Mini Bio Reactor Tubes, PP/HDPE, Sterile,  MSE Supplies

NEST 50mL Mini Bio Reactor Tubes, PP/HDPE, Sterile

  • $ 14900

Product details:

Mini bioreactors are designed to cultivate mammalian cells and microorganism under suspension condition. This product is made from USP VI Polypropylene Tubes and HDPE Caps.


·  High transparency, easy to observe
·  Vent caps with 0.22um hydrophobic filters for gas exchange without contamination.
·  Packaged in sterile, zip-sealable bags
·  Non-pyrogenic
·  Non-cytotoxic
·  DNase/Rnase-free
·  Human DNA-free
·  Could use for centrifugalizing.

    Nest SKU#: 788211

    MSE SKU#: LS0069

    Packing: 100/case (10/pack, 10 packs)

    Shipping dimension: 13"x12"x8"

    Weight: 4 lbs