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MSE PRO Wide-width Plasma Cleaner

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MSE Supplies offers Wide width Plasma Cleaner up to 800mm cleaning width. Please contact us for more information. The plasma treatment, generated by exciting the gas through the power supply, effectively cleans pollutants, increases surface activity, and improves adhesion performance. This new method of surface treatment is both environmentally friendly and highly efficient.


  • Placing dielectrics between metal electrodes, utilizing the polarization phenomenon on the dielectric surface to generate a uniform electric field and produce plasma
  • Plasma modules are suitable for various confined spaces, installable on production lines, enabling continuous production operations
  • Low gas cost, using N2/CDA mixed gas
  • Customizable according to the width of the product

Technical Specifications

Power Host
Dimension (LxWxH) 440mm x 662mm x 185mm 
Weight 50kg
Power Supply 208V 60Hz three phase
Power Frequency 20-60kHz
Plasma Output Power 1000-2000W
Muzzle Dimension (LxWxH) 444mm x 170mm x 202mm 
Muzzle Weight 8kg
Cleaning Width 280mm
Cleaning Height 1-5mm (2mm suggested)
Gas Type Compressed Dry Air (CDA) or N2
N2 Flow Rate 250-400L/min adjustable
CDA Flow Rate 2-10L/min adjustable

*Vacuum pump and water chiller NOT included. Please contact us for detail specification and optional items.