MSE PRO Three Target lon Sputtering Coater

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MSE PRO™ Three Target lon Sputtering Coater

MSE Supplies offers a Three Target lon Sputtering Coater, which is specifically designed for the preparation of samples for surface treatment, minimizing damage to substrate samples. It is widely used for coating non-conductive samples with materials like gold, silver, copper and platinum to enhance imaging quality.

Operable under low vacuum conditions, it can achieve rapid setup within 5 minutes with the use of an appropriate vacuum pump. The instrument generates minimal heat, avoiding damage to substrate samples from plasma. It provides a user-friendly experience and is easy to operate.

Three sputtering targets make it a highly versatile system capable of depositing thin films of various materials continuously.

Vacuum pump as standard accessory is included.

Brand: MSE PRO

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC

Technical Specifications

SKU# MA0604
Vacuum Pump Set (Oil required) Rotary Vacuum Pump
Rotary Pumping Speed 50Hz: 8m3/h (2.2L/s)
Max Sputtering Current 50 mA
Vacuum Limit  Pa
Working Pressure 20-8 Pa
Vacuuming Time < 5 Min (to 2Pa)
Vacuum Measure Measuring range from atmosphere to 2X10-2 mbar
Gas Control Gas Flow Controller
Chamber φ150*120mm, Scratch resistant quartz glass
Target Source (Not included) Target size φ47*(Au: 0.1mm/Ag: 0.5mm/Cu: 0.5mm)/Target source: Au, Ag, Pt, Cu 
Operation Method Instruction Manual
Weight  52 Kg
Size, L*W*H 390*340*370 mm
Power Supply AC 110V 60Hz
Power Consumption < 1500 W
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime product support