MSE PRO Three Layers Automatic Vacuum Oven for Pilot Battery Electrode Baking

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MSE Supplies offers a three layers automatic vacuum oven for pilot lithium battery material and electrode sheet baking. This vacuum oven is specially designed for vacuum drying in lithium battery industry production. The oven is equipped with automatic programmable control for temperature and vacuum. The size of the chamber and the barrier height is maximally meet the needs of the lithium battery industry.

Main Features:

  • Three working chamber with one vacuum hole, controlled by solenoid valve separately
  • Three single door, with square observe window

  • Equipped with air switch,  over current and temperature protection function

  • Vacuum, pressure, pneumatic automatic programmable control with 7.0 inch color LCD touch screen display

The equipment passed CE certification. Vacuum pump is optional. More details and customizable options about the oven are available upon request. 


    SKU BR0341
    Source voltage AC380V, three phase, 50HZ
    Power 4.5KW*3 for three layers
    Max current 20A
    Working chamber dimension (H*W*D) 300*800*600mm*3 for three layers
    Insulation layer thickness 90mm Aluminum silicate fibers
    Working temperature RT+15℃~200℃ with accuracy ±1℃ 
    Temperature control mode PID adjustment, intelligent digital display temperature controller
    Vacuum degree ≤100pa
    Inner box material SUS304 stainless steel
    Dimension 149*97*181cm
    Weight 400kg