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MSE PRO Spectrophotometer Quartz Cuvettes (Cells) with 30mm Path Length, Pack of 2

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MSE PRO™ Spectrophotometer Quartz Cuvettes (Cells) with 30mm Path Length, Pack of 2

MSE supplies offers Spectrophotometer Quartz Cuvettes (Cells) with a wide range of selection. We offer standard rectangular, standard rectangular with stopper, screw cap, and many other shape types. Cuvettes for spectrophotometers are essential instrument accessories used for absorbance measurements in the light range, especially for UV. Their quartz material ensures accurate light transmission and minimal optical interference, supporting a wide range of analytical applications, including chemistry, biochemistry, and bioscience analysis.


  1. Material: Quartz exhibits excellent transparency in the UV light range, typically ranging from 200 nanometers to 400 nanometers. This ensures that light propagation within the cuvette is not affected by material absorption or scattering, guaranteeing accurate measurements.

  2. Size: Cuvettes usually have a standard rectangular or square shape to fit into the sample chamber of UV spectrophotometers. They come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different measurement needs depending on the sample volume.

  3. Cleaning and Handling: Cuvettes need to be kept clean and dry to ensure precise measurements. They should be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed before use to avoid surface impurities or dirt.

  4. Usage: To use, the sample or reagent solution to be measured is poured into the quartz cuvette, which is then placed inside the sample chamber of the UV spectrophotometer. By measuring the sample's ability to absorb UV light, one can analyze the concentration, reaction kinetics, and chemical characteristics of the sample.  

Technical Data:

Style Standard High Quality
SKU LS0730 LS0731
Dimension H*W*D (mm) 45*12.5*32.5
Product Method Powder Sintered method Fully Fused method
Acid and Alkali-resistant Yes
Path Length (mm) 30
Volume (mL) 10.5
Package 2 Pcs/pack
Luminousness 80% 83%
Heat-resistance Temperature () 600 1200
Applicable wavelength (nm) 200-2500
Polished Window 2

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