MSE PRO Spectrophotometer Micro Quartz Cuvettes (Cells) with 10mm Path Length

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MSE PRO™ Spectrophotometer Micro Quartz Cuvettes (Cells) with 10mm Path Length

MSE supplies offers Spectrophotometer Micro Quartz Cuvettes (Cells) with a wide range of selection. Cuvettes for spectrophotometers are essential instrument accessories used for absorbance measurements in the light range, especially for UV. Quartz micro cuvettes find extensive use in fields such as biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, environmental science, and food analysis. They are especially valuable in experiments that require high precision and transparency, like DNA concentration determination, protein concentration measurements, and pharmaceutical analysis.


  1. Small Sample Volumes: These cuvettes are specifically designed for handling small sample volumes, typically ranging from microliters to milliliters. This feature is ideal for microvolume analysis and reduces sample wastage.
  2. Precise Measurement: The combination of high transparency and small sample volumes in quartz micro cuvettes allows for extremely precise measurements in spectrophotometry, UV-Visible absorption, and fluorescence spectroscopy. Researchers can obtain accurate and reproducible results, especially in applications like DNA concentration determination, protein quantification, and chemical kinetics studies.
  3. Temperature Tolerance: Quartz micro cuvettes can withstand relatively high temperatures, making them suitable for experiments that involve temperature control or heating.
      Technical Data:
      SKU LS0740 LS0741 LS0742 LS0743 LS0744
      Volume (uL) 350 700 1050 1400 1750
      Product Method Powder Sintered method
      Acid and Alkali-resistant Yes
      Path Length (mm) 10
      Package 1 Pc/pack
      Dimension H*W*D (mm) 45*12.5*12.5
      Heat-resistance Temperature () 600
      Applicable Wavelength (nm) 200-2500
      Polished Window 2

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