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MSE PRO Laboratory Two Port Acrylic Glove Box

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MSE PRO™ Laboratory Two Port Acrylic Glove Box

The acrylic glove box is an ideal sealed solution for handling delicate materials or hazardous chemicals, due to its inert gas pumping, cleanliness, low-oxygen and low-moisture environment. Offering a low-cost alternative to stainless steel designs, it is widely used for chemical handling and storage. 

MSE Supplies offers different sizes of Acrylic Glove Box. Please contact us for more information.


SKU# GB0011
Material Acrylic (PMMA)
Main Chamber
Dimensions (mm) 1000W x 750D x 700H
Material Thickness (mm) 10
Chamber Pressure (Pa)  +/-1000
Gloves Port Size (mm) ⌀190
Gloves Lenth (mm) 800 (Butyl)
Door Size (mm) 400D x 400H (open outwards)
Ball Valves (mm) ⌀8 (2pcs)
Ball Valve Material SUS304
Power Pocket (pc) 1 inside
Airlock Transfer Chamber
Dimensions (mm) 240W x 240D x 240H
Max. Vacuum Degree (Mpa) -0.1
Ball Valves (mm) ⌀8 (2pcs)
Pressure Gauge (pc) 1

Available Accessories:

Vacuum Pump MA0757
Humidity Display/Controller
1-99% RH
Oxygen Display/Controller 100ppm-21%
Pressure Automatic Controller +/-2500Pa
Support Stand Movable
Accessories are available at extra cost, please contact us.