MSE PRO Laboratory Knife Mill

  • $ 5,10900

MSE PRO™ Laboratory Knife Mill 

MSE Supplies offers laboratory knife mill, which is used to process the soft, medium-hard, brittle and fibrous sample. It is suitable for high water, oil or fat content sample.

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    Working Principle

    The knife mill has two-blade knives at the center of the bottom of a grinding cup. A certain height gap is kept between the blades. Driven by a motor of 1100W, the knives start rotating. Reliable crushing and homogeneous phase effects are generated via the cutting of the sharp steel knife edges. The blunt side can be selected for coarse grinding of bulk samples or the tough side for fine grinding of samples. The motor speed is electronically controlled and can be preset. The constant speed guarantees efficient and high-quality grinding homogenization. You just need 10 to 30 seconds to process samples that are usually hard to crush and get homogenized samples for analysis.

    Features and advantages

    • Autoclavable container for choice
    • Grinding container in various material
    • Simple operation and quick start
    • Strong motor power 1.1KW, speed adjustable
    • Coarse grinding and fine grinding can be realized in one step
    • Three modes optional: interval mode, reverse mode and press-and-play mode
    • Overload protection and safety lock design

    Applications of Laboratory Knife Mill:

    Sample type: Soft, elastic, fibrous, water-bearing, oily, fatty, dry sample
    Typical sample:
    Agriculture: grain, feed, etc
    Biology: mouse tissue, plant leaves, seeds, seedling and germ
    Medicine: medicine, pills, etc
    Food: dried melon, vegetables, frozen food, candy, preserved fruit, meat

    Technical Data

    SKU MA1120
    Feed size <40mm
    Final fineness <300μm
    Speed 2000-10000rpm
    Time setting 0:01-9:59 (min/s)
    Batch quantity 150-700ml
    Interval mode Yes
    Knives Stainless steel or titanium alloy                    
    Number of blades 2
    Rated power 1.1KW
    Power supply 110V 60Hz
    Instrument size 260*343*454mm
    Package size 480*550*720mm
    Net weight 16kg

    Standard accessaries: 1L grinding container of autoclavable plastic, standard lid and knife of stainless steel.