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MSE PRO Lab Scale Vacuum Plasma Cleaner

  • $ 14,01900

MSE PRO™ Lab Scale Vacuum Plasma Cleaner

MSE Supplies offers Lab Scale Vacuum Plasma Cleaner. The vacuum plasma cleaning machine operates at a processing temperature of 50°C or below, ensuring no thermal impact on the sample surface. Its treatment effect is uniformly stable, remaining effective for extended periods after conventional sample treatment. It is suitable for various sample shapes, and can also clean the internal parts of solid samples. For complex shapes, vacuum plasma cleaning provides a suitable cleaning solution.

    Technical Specifications

    Dimension (WxDxH) 560mm x 540mm x 550mm
    Weight ~70kg (without vacuum pump)
    Chamber Material Stainless Steel
    Chamber Capacity 5L
    Chamber Dimension (φ x D) 150mm x 270mm
    Chamber Temperature <35℃
    Cooling Method Forced air cooling
    Power Supply 110V/60Hz
    Power 13.56MHz Radio Frequency, 200W
    Power Range 10%-100% adjustable
    Time Range 1-99999s
    Process Gas Line MFC control 2 channels
    Flow Rate
    Vacuum Level 1-30Pa
    Vacuum Pump MA0757

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