MSE PRO High Purity 99.99% Quartz High Form Crucibles

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Product details

High form Quartz crucibles (made with >99.99% high purity quartz) have excellent thermal shock resistance and are chemically inert to most elements and compounds, including virtually all acids, regardless of concentration, except hydrofluoric (HF) acid. Quartz crucibles can withstand high temperatures up to 1200 °C. Quartz crucibles are widely used for materials melting and chemical reactions in both materials science research and industry. 

Powder processing is recommended for the best calcination and sintering results. MSE Supplies offer a variety of balling milling equipment and accessories for powder processing. 

Standard Products and Specifications of Quartz Crucibles from MSE Supplies

Purity: >99.99% SiO(4N purity)

Maximum use temperature: 1200 °C. 

It is recommended to use the quartz crucibles below 1000 °C. The crucible may crack or deform under continuous heating above 1000 °C.

Capacity (mL) Top OD (mm) Bottom (mm) Height (mm)
JA1330 10 25 18 35
JA1331 30 40 30 54
JA1332 50 45 35 62
JA1333 100 55 40 82

Dimensions can be customized upon requested. Covers are available with additional cost. Please contact us at for customization. The dimensions listed above are for reference only. Please contact us if you need tight tolerance. Crucibles are considered as consumables which are not covered by warranty.