MSE PRO High Form 99.9% Purity Nickel Crucible with Lid

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Product details

Nickel crucibles offered by MSE Supplies are made from high purity nickel (99.9%). Nickel crucibles have good resistance to phosphoric acid and alkali solutions. High purity Nickel crucibles are ideal for assays with alkali salts, such as NaOH, Na2O2, Na2CO3 and KNO3

Powder processing is recommended for the best calcination and sintering results. MSE Supplies offer a variety of balling milling equipment and accessories for powder processing. 

Standard Products and Specifications

Purity: 99.9% Nickel

Use temperature: <600 °C 

Lid is included in each set of Nickel crucible

Price is listed for one set of Nickel crucible with lid

Don't use nickel crucibles for assays with strong acid and salts with sulfur. Recommend to use diluted HCl to clean the crucible before the first use. 

Volume (mL) Top OD (mm) Bottom OD (mm) Height (mm)
JA1371 30 41 22 36
JA1372 50 47 26 38