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MSE PRO Glass Bead Sterilizer

SKU: LS0221

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MSE PRO™ Glass Bead Sterilizer

MSE Supplies offers a glass bead sterilizer in benchtop size for laboratory uses. It is ideal for the sterilization of small experimental instruments, which include scalpels, forceps, scissors, etc. The chamber with the glass beads can be heated up to 300°C. It will effectively eliminate the presence of bacteria, spores and other contaminants. This sterilizer is for research use only and not intended for medical application.

Brand: MSE PRO

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC


SKU# LS0221
Temperature Range 100℃~300℃
Temperature Accuracy ±5℃
Preheat Time ≤ 25 mins to 300℃
Voltage AC 110V, 50/60Hz
Maximum Power 120W
Chamber Diameter 40mm
Chamber Height 80mm
Capacity 150g
Dimension(W*D*H) 176x135x189.5 (mm)
Weight 2.5kg
one bag of glass beads

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