MSE PRO Cast Steel Grinding Balls

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MSE Supplies offers different types of cast steel grinding balls, with sizes ranging from 15mm to 130mm. Cast steel balls are produced by steel molds or sand box molds, with pouring ports, blisters and ring belts on the surface. As a primary grinding media, it is widely used in Cement Plants, Mines, Power stations, Chemical Industries, Coal mill and so on. Due to the high Cr content,  the relative wear rates show a performance improvement of 25 – 30% and in the corrosive environments with low abrasion, the improvement could become 50% or more as compared with forged steel.

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Chemical Composition of Cast Steel Grinding Balls

SKU# Materials C% Si% Mn% Cr% Ni% Mo% Cu%
BA0560 ZQCr12
0.3-1.2 0.2-1.0 11-13 0-1.5 0-0.1 0-1.0
BA0561 ZQCr15 2.0-3.0 0.3-1.2 0.2-1.0 14-17 0-1.5 0-0.1 0-1.0
BA0562 ZQCr20 2.0-2.8 0.3-1.0 0.2-1.0 18-22 0-1.5 0-2.0 0-1.0
BA0563 ZQCr26 2.0-2.8 0.3-1.0 0.2-1.0 22-28 0-1.5 0-2.5 0-2.0
BA0564 ZQCr7 2.0-3.2 0.3-1.5 0.2-1.0 6.0-10 0-1.5 0-1.0 0-0.8
BA0565 ZQCr2 2.0-3.6 0.3-1.5 0.2-1.0 1.0-3.0 0-1.5 0-1.0 0-0.8

Specifications of Casting Steel Grinding Balls

Nominal Diameter Quantity/MT Weight of single ball in average Surface Hardness of High Chrome Balls Endurance Impact Test
15mm 72549pcs 13.8g >60HRC >10000
20mm 30607pcs
30mm 9069pcs 110g >60HRC >10000
50mm 1959pcs 510g >60HRC >10000
60mm 1134pcs 882g >60HRC >10000
80mm 478pcs 2091g >58HRC >10000
100m 245pcs 4084g >58HRC >8000
120mm 142pcs 7057g >58HRC >8000
130mm 115pcs 8740g >58HRC >8000

 Features of Casting Steel Grinding Balls

  1. No deformation and breakage of the surface. Lower wear loss.
  2. Uniformity of the hardness from surface to core.
  3. High chrome casting balls and middle chrome casting balls could be more suitable in the corrosive environments.