MSE PRO Biochemical Incubators

  • $ 3,91000

MSE PRO™ Biochemical Incubators

MSE Supplies offers four models of Biochemical Incubator with the capacity range from 100L to 300L. Biochemical incubator with temperature regulation system of both refrigeration and heating is an important test equipment for scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, production units or departmental laboratories. It is widely used in drug testing, agricultural storage, preservation, plant cultivation and breeding test of bacteria, mold and microorganism.

Brand: MSE PRO™ 

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC

Main Features:

  • Large screen LCD display, easy to operate.
  • Stainless steel structure, easy to clean. 
  • High temperature uniformity.
  • A shaker can be placed inside the chamber for constant temperature shaking culture. 

    Technical Specifications: 

    Model BI-100 BI-150 BI-250 BI-300
    Inner Dimension, LxWxH, (mm) 450*445*500 500*400*800 530*460*1040 580*460*1180
    Outer Dimension, LxWxH, (mm) 550*660*1050 600*590*1340 600*590*1340 680*650*1820
    Capacity (L) 100 150 250 300
    Power (W) 700 920 1100 1250
    Weight (kg) 79 100 124 160
    Voltage Supply

    Standard: AC 220V 50Hz, Optional: 110V 50Hz

    Temperature Range (℃) 5-50
    Temperature Fluctuation (℃) ±0.5 at high temperature; ±1℃ at low temperature
    Temperature Resolution (℃) 0.1
    Carrier bracket (pieces) 2 3
    Timing Range (min) 1~9999
    Certificate CE, ISO
    Warranty One year