Laser Diode Grade 2 inch Fe-doped Semi-insulating Gallium Nitride Single Crystal C plane (0001),  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO 4 inch Carbon-doped Semi-insulating Gallium Nitride Single Crystal

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MSE PRO™ 4 inch Carbon-doped Semi-insulating Gallium Nitride Single Crystal

MSE Supplies offers high quality Production Grade 4 inch C-doped Semi-insulating Gallium Nitride Single Crystal. It has low dislocation density (on the order of 105 /cm2) and uniform surface with no periodic defects. These high quality GaN crystals have an usable area of more than 90%. Customers from all over the world have trusted MSE Supplies as their preferred supplier of GaN crystal substrates. These GaN free standing is widely used for laser diodes, power electronics, RF devices, etc.

SKU# WA0262 WA0263 WA0264
Grade Production Grade Research Grade Dummy Grade
Diameter 100 ± 0.3 mm
Thickness 450 ± 30 um
Conductivity Type Semi-insulating
Dopant Carbon doping
Wafer Orientation Orientation: C-plane (0001) off angle toward M-axis 0.5 deg ± 0.15 deg
FWHM (002) < 80 arcsec
FWHM (102) < 80 arcsec
Electrical Resistivity (300K) > 1E8 Ohm-cm
Usable area ≥ 90 % ≥80 % ≥ 70 %
Primary Flat Orientation  M-plane (10-10) ± 2 deg
Primary Flat Length 32 ± 1 mm
Secondary Flat Orientation Ga face, 90° clockwise from primary flat orientation flat plane
Secondary Flat Length 18 ± 1 mm
TTV  ≤ 30 um
Bow  ± 30 um
Edge bevel Beveled
Polishing Single side polished, Front surface: Ra < 0.5 nm;
double side polished available upon request
Package packaged in a class 100 clean room environment, in single wafer container