MSE PRO 30 mm Cylindrical 92% Alumina Grinding Media

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MSE Supplies offers Cylindrical 92% Alumina Grinding Media, which is very reliable in the case of high temperature corrosion. It is widely used in different types of ceramics, porcelain glaze, glass, chemical and other applications of thick and hard material finishing and processing. Its crushing/grinding efficiency and wear resistance are much better than ordinary pebbles or natural pebbles. 

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Specifications for Cylindrical 92% Alumina Grinding Media

Items Specification
Alumina Content
≧92 wt.% 
Φ30 mm*30 mm
Water Absorption <0.01 %
Specific Density ≧3.65 g/cm3
Mohs Hardness 9
Rockwell Hardness HRA ≧82
Bending Strength
≧220 MPa

Wear Volume

≦0.0047 wt.%/h (Percentage of weight consume per hour)
Color White


Features of Cylindrical 92% Alumina Grinding Media

  1. High hardness and wear resistance: It has a Rockwell hardness of more than HRA80, which also helps to bring high wear resistance.

  2. Light weight: Its density is about 3.65g/cm3, which can greatly help to reduce the equipment load.

  3. Acid and alkali resistance: It has high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.