Moorfield nanoPVD-T15A (Benchtop Thermal Evaporator)

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MSE Supplies offers nanoPVD-T15A (Benchtop Thermal Evaporator) from Moorfield. It is a high-performance benchtop thermal evaporation system for metals and organics. It can be equipped with low-temperature evaporation (LTE) and standard resistive evaporation sources for deposition of organics and metals, respectively. LTE sources are low thermal-mass for better control when evaporating volatile organic materials, while metals sources are in our box-shielded TE1 models for efficient deposition and reduced cross-contamination.

Chamber access is via a hinged lid, that opens to reveal a stage suitable for holding substrates up to 4″ diameter. The chamber is tall, allowing for high-uniformity coating via evaporative techniques.

The units are easy to control via a touchscreen HMI interface, simple to maintain, have low running costs and come with a comprehensive range of safety features.

With a turbomolecular pumping system, high-vacuum base pressures, straightforward automated control via a touchscreen HMI and a range of options for flexible configuration, the nanoPVD-T15A is a versatile, efficient solution for world-class R&D applications and ideal for OLED, Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) and Organic Field Effect Transistors (OFET) research.

Country of Origin: Made in UK

Manufacturer: Moorfield Nanotechnology

Main Features:

  • Benchtop configuration 
  • Organics and metals evaporation sources
  • High aspect-ratio chamber for uniform coating
  • Fully automatic operation via touchscreen HMI
  • Define/save multiple process recipes
  • Up to 4” diameter substrates
  • Base pressures <5 × 10-7 mbar
  • Equipped for easy servicing
  • Comprehensive safety features
  • Proven performance

Options: The standard configuration for the nanoPVD-T15A includes the chamber, pumping system, frame and electronics. To obtain a working system, it is necessary to select at least one metals or organics source, up to a maximum of four (mixed source types allowed). Beyond this, a variety of options below allow the tool to be configured per specific budgets and applications.

  • Dry backing pump
  • Fast chamber vent
  • Automatic high-resolution pressure control
  • Up to 4 LTE sources for organics
  • Up to 2 evaporation sources for metals
  • 500 °C substrate heating stage
  • Substrate rotation, Z-shift and shutters
  • Quartz crystal sensor head

System requirements (standard configuration):

  • Service gas: Dry compressed air nitrogen or argon, 60–80 psi supply
  • Power: Single-phase 230V, 50Hz, 10A
  • Coolant: 18–20°C, 1 L/min, pressure < 4 bar
  • Exhaust extraction

Typical Configuration:

Metals deposition: Two thermal evaporation sources for metals evaporation with shutters and quartz crystal sensor head for rate/thickness calibration.

Organics deposition: Four LTE sources for organics deposition with shutters and quartz crystal sensor head for rate/thickness calibration.

Metals and organics deposition: Two thermal evaporation sources and two LTE sources for metals and organics PVD, with shutters and quartz crystal sensor head.

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About Moorfield: Moorfield was incorporated in 1995. Moorfield are a team of scientists and engineers specializing in the design, manufacture, supply, and support of vacuum deposition (PVD and CVD), etching and annealing systems. The systems manufactured by Moorfield are applied for research, product development and batch production. Applications include semiconductors, photovoltaics, superconductors, sensors, optics, graphene and 2D materials. Academic and industrial markets are served worldwide, both direct and through a network of authorized, trained representatives.

MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor for Moorfield Nanotechnology in the USA.