Monolayer Graphene on SiC

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Monolayer graphene is a crystal plane built up of carbon (C) atoms with sp2 bonding in a honeycomb lattice in which carbon participates with three in-plane bonds while the forth one is unsaturated bond in the perpendicular direction. This crystal structure is responsible for the unique properties of graphene. In this product, graphene is formed on Si terminated SiC substrate. The first formed carbon layer is called interface or buffer layer and it is insulating because one third of its carbon atoms are covalently bound to the SiC substrate. The epitaxial graphene refers so to the carbon layer formed on top of this interfacial layer, and features linear dispersion typical of isolated single layer graphene. 

Application note:
Monolayer graphene is a two-dimensional layer of carbon atoms fully composed of surfaces. Thus, surface chemistry plays a key role in determining its electrical properties. Molecules and atoms adsorbed on graphene surfaces are known to serve as local doping sites that significantly alter graphene’s electronic properties. Graphene is also used as electrode material in energy storage/conversion applications (e.g. supercapacitors and transparent solar cells). Its electrochemical and opto-electrochemical performance can be measured using Graphene BMM EC and Graphene MM PEC. This product is an extremely durable electrode, suitable for multiple use. If it has been coated, irrespectively of the deposition technique applied, the coating can be removed by strong acid or alkali solution (depending on the coating nature) without affecting the graphene layer. Please note that monolayer graphene on SiC can be degraded electrochemically if the potential higher than +2V is applied. 

coverage: 100%
thickness variation: < 5% of bi-layer areas
conductivity type: n-type
sheet carrier density: 8 x 1011 – 2 x 1012 cm-2
mobility: > 2400 cm2/Vs
substrate type: 4H-SIC HPSI
substrate thickness: 0.5 mm
substrate length: 7 mm
substrate width: 7 mm
substrate orientation: on-axis
substrate resistivity range: ≥ 1 x 105 Ωcm
substrate micropipe density (MPD): standard
substrate finishing: double-side polish Si face CMP

Product includes:
1 x sample of 7 x 7 mm2 (or 15 x 15 mm2monolayer graphene on SiC