1 kg Meshed Copper Foil (290mm W x 9um T) for High Performance Battery and Supercapacitor Research,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO 1 kg Meshed Copper Foil (290mm W x 9um T) for High Performance Battery and Supercapacitor Research

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Product Details:

Copper foil is widely used as substrate (current collector) for battery and supercapacitor research due to its light weight, good mechanical, electronical and thermal conductivity. 

This meshed porous copper foil is designed for high performance battery and supercapacitor research.  It is manufactured by mechanical punching method and >40% lighter than copper foil with same thickness. It can improve the device power density thanks to the lighter weight and more active material loading. Other benefits include reduced internal resistance, better electrolyte infiltration and better coating adhesion, which improves cell rate capability and cycling performance. 

This meshed porous copper foil can also be used as a template for porous material synthesis and catalyst support.

Our meshed copper foil products can be customized upon request, such as the thickness/width of the copper foil, the meshed area width, pore size, pore density and the meshed pattern. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 


Product SKU# BR0145
Pack Size
1 kg per roll
Material Copper >99.9%
Overall width 290 mm
Thickness 9 um
Pore diameter 15~20 um
Pore density 10000/cm2


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