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MSE PRO Laboratory Scale Rod Mill

  • $ 8,39500


Laboratory Scale Rod Mill is a efficient lab grinding equipment for wet or dry grinding of mineral ores. It is widely used in labs for processing and fine grinding of artificial placer materials and ores in metallurgical, building material, chemical, light, coal, water conservancy, electric power, agricultural and geological industries. The grinding and milling media (not included) is stainless steel bar for uniform granularity with high efficiency. It can be converted to a ball mill if the grinding and milling media is replaced with milling and grinding balls

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Product figure is for reference only. Actual product may look different based on configurations. 


  • Dry and wet grinding
  • Large capacity
  • Convertible to ball mill
  • Easy material loading and unloading
SKU# MA9997 MA9998 MA9999
Model XMBΦ160×200 XMBΦ200×240 XMBΦ240×300

Cylinder Size

Diameter x Length

(mm x mm)

Φ160×200 mm Φ200×240 mm Φ240×300 mm
Capacity (L) 4.05 7.5 13.59
Feed Size (mm) -2 -2 -3
Out-put Granularity (mm) -0.074 -0.074 -0.074
Rotating Speed (rpm) 120 110 96
Power (kW) 0.25 0.55 0.75
Milling Media

Steel Rod: 

16mm Dia. x 185mm (Max. 10 pieces)

20mm Dia. x 185mm (Max. 10 pieces)

Steel Ball:

20mm Diameter (Max. 100 pieces)

25mm Diameter (Max. 26 pieces)

30mm Diameter (Max. 5 pieces)

Steel Rod: 

16mm Dia. x 225mm (Max. 21 pieces)

20mm Dia. x 225mm (Max. 14 pieces)

Steel Ball:

20mm Diameter (Max. 136 pieces)

25mm Diameter (Max. 52 pieces)

30mm Diameter (Max. 29 pieces)

Steel Rod: 

16mm Dia. x 286mm (Max. 29 pieces)

20mm Dia. x 286mm (Max. 14 pieces)

Steel Ball:

20mm Diameter (Max. 290 pieces)

25mm Diameter (Max. 115 pieces)

30mm Diameter (Max. 37 pieces)

Dimensions (mm) 1055x650x1180 1055x650x1180 1055x650x1180
Net Weight (kg) 175 210 226