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Lab Companion Funnel Shaker

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Lab Companion Funnel Shaker

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MSE Supplies offers Lab Companion Funnel Shaker from Jeio Tech. It can enhance mixing efficiency through double sided vertical reciprocation and adjustable tilt (up to 20º).

Country of Origin: Made in South Korea

Manufacturer: Jeio Tech

Main Features:

  • Simultaneous mixing of up to 4 * 2L funnels. Fits cone or cylindrical type funnels of up to 2L capacity (capacity limit for previous model was 1L).
  • Simultaneous installation of up to 10 * ❮ 0.5L funnels, 6 * 0.5-1L funnels, and 4 * 2L funnels (2 double sided holders provided in basic set). Picture displays 6 *1L funnels being shaken, which would require the ordering of 2 additional funnel holders (SKUs listed below). 
  • Vertical reciprocation at a maximum of 300 rpm and 40 mm stroke length.
  • Adjustable shake tilt to achieve high mixing efficiency at low rpm.
  • One-touch mechanism for swift and easy funnel installation and removal, even by female researchers.
  • Stable center of gravity design minimizing vibration even with one sided sample installation or high speed tilted movement.
  • Fits cone or cylindrical type funnels of up to 2L capacity (capacity limit for previous model was 1L).
  • Controller with display panel installed at a 20º angle, allowing good visibility even from the floor; ease of operation.
  • Count-down timer (Max. 999 hr. 59 min.).


  • Funnel holder (SKU # AAA23502)
  • LC GreenBox (SKU # AAHQ1011K). 
    No computer use is required at all. Remote monitoring of operating status through a mobile phone is available when you place a Gateway in your laboratory. Maximum 4 units can be connected to Gateway by RS-232 cable.

    Technical Specifications:




    Electrical data & Ordering No.

    AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz (A)

    0.88 MAX.


    Exterior (W x D x H, mm)

    600 x 460 x 470

    Minimum required space considering 20º tilt

    900 x 460 x 670

    Max. load per each side (kg)


    Net weight (kg)


    Shaking system

    Motion type

    Vertical & Inclined reciprocating (0 ~ 20°)

    Speed range (rpm)

    Vertical 30 to 300 / Inclined 30 to 250

    Speed accuracy at 100rpm (± rpm)



    999 hr 59 min


    *Funnels are not provided

     Funnel Capacity Round Type Cylindrical Type
    < 500 mL 3-5 each 3-5 each
    500 mL 3 each 3 each
    1 L 3 each 3 each
    2 L 2 each 2 each

    About Jeio Tech: Jeio Tech products are put through rigorous quality control from the most basic metal processing to final inspections. Based on over 28 years of technical experience in instrument manufacturing, their highly integrated team of engineers strive to deliver outstanding quality to their clients. Their professional know-how will always keep their reputation as the primary partner for the customers research needs.

    MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor for Jeio Tech.