ITO Glass 25/25/1.1 mm – pack of 10

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ITO (Indium Tin Oxide – In2O3/SnO2) Glass is one of the most widely used Transparent Conducting Oxide (TCO) coated substrates. The substrate of 25 mm x 25 mm is a default size for most of basic, photo-, and spectro-electrochemical cells.

Application note
ITO glass slides are typically used in (spectro-)electrochemistry wherever a glass with an electrically conductive surface and high optical transparency is required, including:

  • spectro-electrochemical devices such as electrochromic displays and windows,
  • electrodes in (opto-)electrochemical (bio-)sensors,
  • electrodes in amperometric sensors,
  • source and drain electrodes in Electrolyte-Gated Thin Film Transistors,
  • transparent electrodes for stripping voltammetry or cyclic voltammetry,
  • support for Pt, catalyzing oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in anion exchange membrane fuel cells,
  • oxidation of formaldehyde or methanol,
  • support for IrO2, molecular iridium, and silver oxide for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER), etc.

substrate size (length/width/thickness): 25/25/1.1 mm
resistivity: 8-12 Ω/□
transmittance: > 80%
ITO thickness: 120-160 nm 

Product includes
10 pcs of ITO Glass 25/25/1.1 mm