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IKA TW.PWR.1 Power Supply Magnetic Stirrers

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Product Details

Item number: 0025005565

Power supply to upgrade TWISTER SET 1and 2 to up to 4 devices.
The device-side plug is not part of the scope of delivery. This is included in TWISTER SET 1 and 2.

About IKA

Founded in 1910 as a supplier for pharmacies and hospitals, the company left bombed-out Cologne for Staufen im Breisgau in 1942. There it quickly became the world's leading company for laboratory technology as well as dispersing, stirring and kneading machines. 

Technical Data of IKA TW.PWR.1 Power Supply Magnetic Stirrers

Length 90 mm
Width 38 mm
Height 59.4 mm
Weight 0.25 kg
Permissible ambient temperature 0 - 40 °C
Permissible relative humidity 95 %
Voltage 220 - 240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power input max. 40 W
Power input standby 0.1 W
DC Voltage 24 V=