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IKA® lab lifts are suitable for raising and supporting small laboratory devices or vessels. The maximum weight that can be raised is up to 7 kg (max. dynamic load) and the maximum supporting weight is up to 25 kg (max. static load). The working height can extend from 70 mm to 300 mm. The auxiliary springs ensures that users can raise large loads easily, especially from the lowest position.

  • The hand wheel ensures that the operation is smooth and comfortable
  • The self-lubricating bearing significantly reduces friction

About IKA

Founded in 1910 as a supplier for pharmacies and hospitals, the company left bombed-out Cologne for Staufen im Breisgau in 1942. There it quickly became the world's leading company for laboratory technology as well as dispersing, stirring and kneading machines.

Technical Data of IKA LABLIFT Manual Lift

Set-up plate dimensions 170 x 230 mm
Stroke 70 - 300 mm
Dynamic load 7 kg
Static load 25 kg
Standard DIN 12897
Dimensions (W x H x D) 200 x 70 x 310 mm
Weight 3.804 kg