MSE PRO High Precision Polarizing Beam Splitter Cubes

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High Precision Polarizing Beam Splitter Cubes

MSE Supplies offers Polarizing Beam Splitter Cubes with surface quality of 20/10 Scratch/Dig, surface flatness of L/8, angle tolerance up to one arcminute and split ratio T:R (transmission vs reflection) tolerance up to 3%. 

Beam Splitter (also known as Beamsplitter) is an optical element that splits a beam of light in two. It can also reverse the process by combining two beams of light into one. By shape, it can be classified into cube beam splitters and plate splitters, in which the key optical element is splitter cube and splitter plate, respectively. A beam splitter cube is constructed by gluing two right angle prisms together to form a cubic shape. Dielectric coating is applied to the hypotenuse of one of the prisms to separate the incident beam. There are two models of beam splitter cubes: polarizing and non-polarizing. The polarizing beam splitter cube allows the p-component (light has electric field that is oscillating parallel to the incident plain) to pass while reflect the s-component (light has electric field that is oscillating perpendicular to the incident plain). While the non-polarizing beam splitter cube only splits the light by intensity but is oscillation direction independent. Different coating can split light of different wavelength, including near ultraviolet light (<400nm), visible light (400-700nm), near infrared light (700-1100nm) and infrared light (>1100nm). Beam splitter is widely used in many optical systems, such as interferometers, optic telecommunication, etc.

We provide high precision polarizing beam splitter cubes with edge length between 5mm and 25.4mm, wavelength between 300-2000nm and splitting ratio between 3:7 to 9:1 as standard products. Other parameters, including larger size, higher precision, can also be customized. Please contact us for customization.

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Technical Data:

Parameters Value
Model Polarizing
Wavelength (nm)
  • 300-420 (Near Ultraviolet)
  • 400-700 (Visible Light)
  • 700-1100 (Near Infrared)
  • 1100-1600 (Infrared)
  • 1500-2000 (Infrared)
  • JGS1/UVFS for Near Ultraviolet
  • HK9L/N-BK7 for the rest
Gluing Method
  • Optical glued for Near Ultraviolet
  • Norland 61 for the rest
Split Ratio (T:R)
  • 3:7
  • 5:5
  • 7:3
  • 9:1
Dimension (mm)
  • 5*5*5
  • 10*10*10
  • 12.5*12.5*12.5
  • 12.7*12.7*12.7
  • 15*15*15
  • 20*20*20
  • 25*25*25
  • 25.4*25.4*25.4
Packing Weight (g)
  • 100 for size <= 15*15*15
  • 150 for size = 20*20*20
  • 200 for size = 25.4*25.4*25.4
Dimension Tolerance (mm)  0-0.2
Surface Quality 20/10 Scratch/Dig
Flatness L/8
Angle Tolerance (arcminute) 1
Split Ratio Tolerance  +/- 3%