High Performance Spherical Lithium Titanate Li4Ti5O12 Anode Powder, 500g

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High Performance Spherical Lithium Titanate  (Li4Ti5O12) Anode Powder 500g, 5.0~10.0µm D50

Among all anode materials, Lithium Titanate (Li4Ti5O12) has been considered as one the most promising anode candidates for the next-generation large-scale power lithium-ion batteries used for HEVs or EVs thanks to its a high potential of around 1.55 V (vs. Li/Li+) during charge and discharge. Li4Ti5O12 also has excellent cycle life due to the negligible volume change, and high thermal stability and safety. Instead of traditional carbon coating method, a unique micro spherical structure is introduced in this product which exhibits a high power density, good temperature performance and rate capability. It can deliver a capacity of 155 mAh/g at 10C and 130 mAh/g at 20C.

SKU#: PO0196

Package Size: 500g


Particle size distribution:

  • D10 = 1.0 - 4.0 µm
  • D50 = 5.0 -10.0 µm
  • D90  30 µm

TAP density: ≥0.7 g/cm3
BET: ≤8.0 m2/g
First Capacity: 155 mAh/g at 1C
First Efficiency: 91% at 1C


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