GVS Separa® Filter Vials and Accessories

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Save time and money in the sample preparation process with the GVS Separa® Filter Vial.

Separa® is a one-step sample preparation device that allows a quick, effective, and simple to use process integrating a self-sampling system, membrane, cap, and lid with precut septa.

The liquid is placed in the outer vial and dispensed by pressing the inner insert so that it is pushed through the membrane. The sample is then filtered and Separa® is ready to be loaded into the autosampler.

Separa® Toggler 120

Is the multi compressor for simultaneous use up to 12 Separa®. It allows to save time and to reduce hand stress by filtering multiple Separa vials during sample preparation.

Separa® Filter Vial

  • The device consists of an internal insert with a membrane chamber and precut septa cap and an external vial
  • A sample ready to use after filtration
  • Pre-slitted cap ensures easy and clean sample transfer
  • Replace syringe, syringe filter, glass vial, and cap, reducing waste
  • Increase sample integrity with all-in vial and filter
  • Compatible with most auto-samplers
  • Compatible with most multi-compressors 

Separa® Toggler 120

  • Streamlines syringeless filtration 
  • Designed for Separa® vials
  • After the use with Separa® Toggler 120, Separa® vials can be loaded directly into the autosampler
  • Fast and cost-effective filtering process
  • The Separa® Toggler 120 is a maintenance-free unit without replacement parts

Product Characteristics

  • Dimensions Separa® Filter Vial: 12mm diameter x 32mm height
  • Materials Separa® Filter Vial: Polypropylene, PTFE and silicone
  • Chamber Volume: 480µl
  • Filter Capacity: 450µl
  • Compression Force: 0.6bar
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 50°C


  • Analytical Sample Prep, HPLC
  • Analytical Sample Prep, uHPLC
  • Biological Studies
  • Chromatography
  • Clarification
  • Clarification of aqueous and organic solvent solutions

GVS was founded in 1979 and is headquartered out of Bologna, Italy. GVS has a rich history of responsible innovation and a commitment to a future in which good health is a universally reachable target. In over 40 years of history, GVS has evolved from a supplier of components for the healthcare sector to a global group that produces highly technological diversified filtration solutions. 

In the Healthcare & Life Sciences area, the GVS plants operate with ISO 13485 certifications and are compliant with the European Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice. Many of the products in this division have the CE certification, are registered with FDA in the United States or have registrations for the specific countries where the group operates.