Fluorinated Graphene Powder (Research Grade)

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Fluorinated Graphene Powder (Research Grade)

Fluorinated graphene, a new member of the graphene family, combines a two-dimensional layer-structure, a wide bandgap, and high stability and attracts significant attention because of its unique nanostructure and carbon–fluorine bonds. It receives much attention in self-cleaning, solid lubricants, superhydrophobic coating, and the electrode of the electrochemical cell because of its extremely low surface energy, good chemical and thermal stabilities, and high electromotive force (4.57 V at 25 °C calculated by thermodynamic data) in lithium-fluorinated graphite battery.

Technical Data

Product Name Fluorinated Graphene
Product SKU# PO0720
CAS# 7782-42-5
Morphology Dark Grey Powder
Diameter (μm)
Purity 98%
F wt.% 58-64
C wt.% 36-42
Electrical Conductivity Insulation
Shelf Life 6 months
Preparation Method Mixed atmosphere of high temperature heating method
Storage Condition  Sealed, avoid light and keep dry at room temperature


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