Electrode Adapter SGJ 14/15 to 6 mm dia.

  • $ 35295

The electrode adapter is used for installing 6 mm dia. electrode into laboratory glassware with SGJ 14/15 port. It enables using disk electrode, plug with clip or any other rod-shape electrode (e.g. graphite rod) or current collector (e.g. metal mesh, graphite coated metal mesh, metal foil, graphite coated metal foil, metal foam, carbon woven and non-woven fabrics, carbon paper, etc.) as an electrode. The electrode adapter is made of PEEK. It well fits aqueous (FKM/EPDM O-Rings) and organic solvent (FFKM O-Rings) electrolyte requirements. 

Application note
The electrode adapter is used to convert laboratory glassware into an electrochemical cell. Please note that the electrode is not included and it should be added to the quotation, separately. 

electrode plug diameter: 6 mm
SGJ size: 14/15

Product includes
1 x electrode adapter
1 x set of O-Rings