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Edwards 3.6 CFM nXDS6i Dry Scroll Pump

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SKU# : A73501983

With exceptional pumping capability, ultimate vacuum performance and state-of-the-art design features, the nXDS dry scroll pump is the best performing pump in its class.
The nXDS pumps use an innovative bearing shield to isolate the vacuum environment from all forms of lubricant not only making them totally dry but also protecting the bearing from any process gases

nXDS improves on the original XDS 5 and 10 pump technology by offering an increased range of pumping speeds, combined with lower ultimate pressures, low power consumption and reduced noise. The gas ballast allows for the pumping of condensable vapors, including water, solvents, dilute acids and bases. nXDS pumps feature the very latest in tip seal technology, giving a significantly longer life between tip seal changes.

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Product Advantages

  • Quiet operation resulting in a better working environment.
  • Hermetically sealed for a lubricant-free vacuum environment enabling for a contamination free process and no oil to dispose of. 
  • Low power consumption and low cost of ownership. 
  • Intelligent and easy to use controls allowing for flexibility of operation. 
  • Superior vapor handling allowing for a wider range of applications. 
  • Long service intervals maximizing efficiency. 


Mass Spectrometry

  • GCMS, LCMS, ICPMS, MALDI, RGA, surface science, and leak detectors. 

Electron Microscopy

  • TEM, SEM, and sample coaters.

Sample Preparation

  • Gel dryers, glove boxes, rotary evaporators, and centrifuges.

Research and Development

  • Chamber evacuation, coating systems, and turbopump backing.

High Energy Physics

  • Beam lines, accelerators, mobile pump carts, turbopump backing, and laser evacuation.


  • Gas recovery and recirculation, glove boxes, brake line and air conditioning evacuation, coating systems, freeze drying, gas bottle filling/emptying, refrigeration system manufacturing, degassing and curing.


  • Gel dryers, glove boxes, rotary evaporators, centrifuges, solvent recovery, distillation, extraction and filtration.

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Technical Data

Nominal rotational speed (rpm) 1800 
Displacement (m3h-1 / ft3min-1)

6.8 / 4.0

Peak pumping speed (m3h-1 / ft3min-1)

6.2 / 3.6 

mbar (Torr) 0.020 (0.015)
Minimum standby rotational speed (rpm) 1200
Pumping speed at minimum rotational speed 4.1
Maximum continuous inlet pressure (mbar) 200
Motor power 1-ph (W) 260
Inlet and exhaust flange NW25
Noise level dB(A) 52
Vibration at inlet flange mms-1 (rms) < 4.5
Leak tightness (static) < 1 x 10-6
Operating temperature range (°C ) 5 to 40
Weight (kg) 26.2

Edwards is a world leader in the design, technology and manufacturing of premium vacuum pumps with over 100 years’ history and more than 80 years’ manufacturing experience. With impressive performance capability and optimized energy consumption, Edwards' vacuum pumps offer versatility and flexibility for industrial applications. Edwards believes in delivering results that bring value to our customers by using our breadth of industry experience to identify and apply solutions to your problems. Using the most innovative and up-to-date modelling techniques, we can optimize the pumping configuration for customers to provide a system design giving the maximum performance in the most reliable and cost-effective way.